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Hello North Andover!

June 16, 2013 by admin | Comments Off on Hello North Andover!

It is our ultimate goal to certify the town of North Andover with the National Wildlife Federation as a Community Habitat. Please help us by certifying your home, business or place of worship as a wildlife habitat. Please see this link to certify your property*.


We want to see more birds and butterflies in our town. To do that we need to plant as many native plants and eliminate as many invasive plants as possible. The biggest question we get from people is “what can I plant?” If you would like to know the “best bet” species (those that support the most biodiversity) of plants to put in your yard please see here for perennials and here for woody plants.


Here’s a video of team leader, James McCarthy, in an interview on Merrimack Valley Visions with Robin Ellington describing the NAWT and our goals. Here’s another video of James from Beverly’s awesome local access show “Get Your Garden Growing” with Sandra Lawson. And here’s the latest video from Merrimack Valley Visions from 5/1/2014.



*there is a $20 fee to the NWF for certification. We hope you’ll consider that NAWT members and affiliates have donated countless hours of free time to make the town a better place by planting hundreds of native plants at public buildings and schools at no additional cost to you as a tax-payer. Just in case that makes the $20 easier to deal with!